BDSM Dating

Extreme sadomasochistic needle play and nail hammering


We present you with an extreme sadomasochistic session. An experienced Master from Japan and his masochist ward demonstrate a master class filled with suffering and pain. The session begins with an injection into the breasts, probably an anesthetic solution. The Master handcuffs the masochist’s tits. The boobs get hard and the Master sticks the long needles into the hard boobs with difficulty. The needles go right through. The Master then hammers nails into the masochist’s tits. Pay attention to the fact that the boobs do not lie on a hard surface, the Master hammers nails into the hanging boobs, which slows down the process and makes it more painful. This is a really extreme action. But the Master is not limited to this, he pierces the cheeks of the masochist with needles. The assistant to the Master brings an electric device and shocks metal nails stuck in the boobs. It is hard to imagine what feelings the masochist woman experiences at the same time. At the end of the session, she is hung upside down.