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Brutal SM

Anal punishment of slave humiliated, whipped, tortured


Anal punishment of slave! The Master is waiting for his slave. He is sitting in a chair. He allows her to enter. In front of him is a short-haired French brunette with a collar around her neck. He trains her by giving orders and punishing her with a whip. He ties her to the St. Andrew’s cross, whips her and fucks her. He then hangs her up and punishes her anally. He humiliates her by spitting. Then comes the turn of hot wax. The slave loves pain, she is a masochist. The Master sticks needles into her tits and pussy and fucks her ass again. He then hangs her upside down and cums in her mouth. It was a great BDSM session! Watch more our anal punishment videos.

5 thoughts on “Anal punishment of slave humiliated, whipped, tortured

  1. she is hot and a very good slave, he must suffer from little short man syndrome.

  2. This is exactly how every woman should be used during sex treated with no respect and properly dominated.

  3. i must really like her after 5 h jerking off i came with her voice said stop and kissed shes so beautiful

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