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Brutal SM
Brutal SM

Ashley Lane tortured in the Upper Floor


Ashley Lane tortured! Ashley Lane is a gorgeous masochistic slut who has graced the Upper Floor with her hot body and intense bondage play scenes for years. Her older submissive before bed is selfish sexy slut Lauren Phillips. Lauren is less interested in helping Ashley learn the rules than using her giant boobs and ruby red lips that suck on cock to get back to the bottom of the power hierarchy where she likes it. Ashley dangled in a terribly painful spread-eagle shibari, her sensitive clitoris gripped by Hitachi vibrator and her milky skin secured with many zip ties. Soon Ashley fucks, rolling her eyes, while Lauren Phillips caresses her clitoris and toes. Ashley is forced to squirt, scream and cum like a nice little bitch while the crowd cheers her on. Guests get very horny and start spanking their submissives, and many beautiful swinger couples start swapping partners. The room is lit up with moaning and threesome blowjobs as Barbary Rose and Stefanos enter a long-overdue play session in which Barbary finds herself in a quick and messy position tied with a rope, leaving her gorgeous forms vulnerable to hot wax, trapped and brutal vibrators. BDSM Tube video

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