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Asian tortured with vacuum cleaner and working tools


Asian woman tortured with vacuum cleaner! An Asian TV news anchor finishes a report from production. Suddenly, four workers grab her and drag her into the utility room. The woman is scared. The workers undress her and touch her private parts. They want to have fun and interview her. They humiliate her and torture her with various working tools. First they take a heat gun. It’s very funny to watch how the labia shake under the stream of hot air. Then the workers use a vacuum cleaner on her lips, tits, pussy and anus. Then they use two hand-held mini tamping rammer tools which perfectly replaced the vibrator. Finally, a powerful hammer drill with an attached dildo ends the day. The woman cums many times and squirts. Watch more our group torture videos.

One thought on “Asian tortured with vacuum cleaner and working tools

  1. I nutted when she squirted but after I was like wow wtf is wrong with me, the men in this video and her possibly agreeing to get the abortion treatment done sexually.

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