Flogging: a general overview


Usually in terms of BDSM play a flogging refers to the use of a leather flogger or plaited cat to strike the skin. Floggers come in an assortment of styles, sizes, lengths, weights and materials dependent on the result desired – leather hide or softened suedes being the primary choice, cut into strands or plaited – however string, rope, rubber, wool, horsehair, thin plastic tube, wire, human hair are also used. One of the most effect floggers was made on the spot from a cluster of willow branches wrapped tightly together with a handle of rush leaves. Not all floggings are intended to induce pain, a flogger can also be used in sensation play in a most erotic way to bring the skin alive to a almost unbearable level.

A Flogging or Whipping is only as good or as bad as the person who is giving it and certainly effected by the quality of equipment being used. This is one area where cheap is definitely not better. There are leathers and there are leathers. Just as there are flogger and whipmakers and etc. Discuss your needs tell the person constructing the whip or flogger exactly what you want to accomplish. Learn from the maker’s expertise. Craft and Workmanship stands out like dog’s balls. The feel will tell you everything. The balance and how it casts. The length is also something about which you will have to make a decision. Both handle and strand. Invest in good leather always and take the time for its maintenance. Don’t be sucked in by all the myths. There are so many good products available now for the caring of leather.

Just as you care for the leather, care for the person who is submitting. Aftercare should be of paramount importance. Take the time. Lots don’t. A knowledge of the treatment of bruising is required. Being able to be contacted after a must. Awareness of submissive “drop”. Know when limits are reached and respect them. Knowledge of the havoc endorphins can cause…. but hold on I have no intention here of giving a lecture on the do’s and don’ts of flogging or whipping there are others more qualified to do that than I. You will quickly learn who they are through your local community.

All I know is what I have observed, gained from endless practice, from talking with others and what I have experienced. Each has their own way of administering a flogging. I tend toward the sensual rather than the brutal. I have never been one for: here is 10 of those and now here is 10 of these. I am not into marking I am into releasing. To do this I must also have knowledge of what type of flogger delivers what sort of action. I must also be in the mind frame of wanting to administer a flogging before doing so and I will use my right to say “NO” if I am not.

I freely admit that I wouldn’t even think of using a single-tail whip, which by the way, is making contact with the skin at over 800 miles per hour, unless I was absolutely sure I could do so without injury to the other person. Being a person about to be whipped I would make sure beyond all doubt that the person doing the whipping actually knew what he or she was doing. The risk of a losing of an eye or permanent damage is to great to do otherwise. You have to be aware that serious injury can result. There are areas which shouldn’t be flogged under any circumstances. Namely the neck, spine and kidney areas. Some have definite views as regards breasts and stomach regions and sexual organs. Rule of thumb I suppose is common sense and taking the time to prepare the area that is being given attention. I am one of these people who believe if I am causing pain in SM Play then I am doing it wrong.

Feel the skin constantly. The touch of your hand is reassuring as is your voice. You need to know how the skin feels. Question them, check if they are okay. Be the lifeline they will need. The anchor, keep your mind firmly in place, remain in control. Judge the depth of their inner space. Don’t let them drown in it. Always build slowly, develop rhythm and learn to vary it. Beware of wrap, set the mood and link with the mind of the person submitting.

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