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Brutal SM
Brutal SM

Brunette submissive tied up and fucked in two holes


Brunette submissive tied up! At first we see a brunette tied with rope in an awkward position. Her legs are spread wide and she is waiting for the Master. Her hands and neck are in shackles. This is Sabrina Banks. She worries. When the Master appears, he immediately starts with deep throat. Apparently Sabrina is well trained. The huge dick doesn’t bother her. The owner fucks her in the mouth and then in the pussy. Submissive all wet gets pleasure. There is little pain in this scene, only the discomfort of bondage, but you want more.

Actors: Sabrina Banks

4 thoughts on “Brunette submissive tied up and fucked in two holes

  1. This was the first time ive ever seen a pillowry and now i unlocked a new fetish. The post nut clarity hit so hard its making me wonder what to do with my life lol

  2. Sweet pussy and love the position except she needs to rest her head, Iā€™d want my legs secured much tighter and pulled further up toward my chest, definitely need my pussy and asshole whipped first then rough hardcore pussy and anal fucking

  3. That deepthroat was amazing, bruce venture has a big dick and she didn’t gag out of it at all, he was able to just keep thrusting down there full cock, sexy as fuck

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