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Double caning till red ass – brutal sadistic video


Double caning till red ass! This is another sadistic video from Elite Pain studio. This time we see two women who want to get a job. The main condition for them is to withstand the pain. Let’s see if they are willing to accept pain and how much pain they are willing to endure. The women smile, but that’s it for now. Mistress Cathy starts the show. Women lie on the bed on their backs with their legs raised and tied. Their hips are free to strike. The Mistress takes the cane and starts hitting one woman’s thighs. Cathy orders her to count the strokes. After five minutes, the ass and thighs are covered with red marks. This is not a performance, this is not makeup, this is real blood, because everything happens before our eyes. Now the second woman, her ass is also bruised. She seems to be in a lot more pain and more scared. Not everyone can withstand 50 strokes of a cane. One of the most brutal punishments, one of the harshest sadomasochistic videos.

11 thoughts on “Double caning till red ass – brutal sadistic video

  1. This made my heart cry. My stomach is just sick watching 8mins of it. I really don’t think they knew how bad it was going get. The way they were crying for each other. They were all smiles and high spirited in the beginning.. they didn’t look nervous at all shy yes, nervous no. That’s what makes me think they had no idea what was coming.

  2. This is arousing as fuck. The way they scream with each hit…. the way that their asses bleed, they’re desperate

  3. Love watching stupid whores being beaten. The harder the better, give them what they deserve. Wish it was longer and much much harder

  4. Loved this video l liked the way the first caned girl made her friend take the full dose of the 50 strokes she received they recovered from this probably in week or two despite the pain and the crying they probably enjoyed it and they were consenting adults I would like to have seen a little more of a build up like the usual pre caning interview..

  5. What’s the fucking point of being whipped to the point of open bleeding wounds that’ll take weeks to heal enough to sit comfortably and months to heal to the point of no pain but permanently scared.

  6. It is so great to see this 2 beautyfull ladys with their perfekt white asses beeing brutally treated in this nearly perfekt scene until the whole bottom is red and painfull
    I like it really very much……give us more of this stuff

    The only question I have is:
    why only50 strokes?
    The girls needs much more. In the end of the scene, we can still see white Skin on their legs and asses….in a perfekt world, every part of the back of this2 beauties would be completly red and swollen

  7. LOVE this shit….done to THEM for a change. Better than lashes on your backs until those bastards got tired!! Let’s keep it real….these bitches signed up for this shit.

  8. I have to admire both of the punished girls for taking their thrashings so bravely and uncomplainingly – I do not know how much they were paid to take part in the film, but they deserved every penny!

    Credit must also go to the skill of the caner, who managed to break the skin of both girls in a number of places and made sure that the sensitive area at the top of the thighs was involved, rather than limiting her target to the bottoms only.

    Their bare feet and the oil were nice touches, too.

  9. Love how the second girl looks more and more reluctant as she knows what’s coming

  10. I’m sure these women got paid a handful for this. Brutal but these women wanted it. Goes to show how desperate people can be for money!

  11. They had such a smooth, pristine white skin, soft and tender. After the lashes, their skin broke, wounds started to bleed. These scars will remain with them for their lifetime.There is something deeply deranged about sight of bruised and bleeding women. It is like vandalizing a masterpiece painting by slashing it with a box cutter and spray painting it. Women’s bodies are sacred, beautiful, tender, sexual, masterpieces of mother nature. This is crossing the line into absurd realm of no return.

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