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Fetish woman vaccinated against COVID-19 completely naked


She vaccinated against COVID-19! Have you already decided whether you will be vaccinated against coronavirus infection? This woman has already answered this question. She made a stop for the coronavirus and went to the nearest hospital to get vaccinated against this dangerous disease. But she was a fetishist and decided to get vaccinated in an unusual way. She decided to combine business with pleasure. The doctor was surprised to see a naked woman masturbating in his office, but he has to do his job. Therefore, he immediately injected the woman directly into her naked ass. The woman felt pain from the penetration of the needle into her flesh, but she did not stop masturbating. Goodbye COVID-19!

3 thoughts on “Fetish woman vaccinated against COVID-19 completely naked

  1. She is getting 1000 units of B12 in each cheek, which is a fairly good sized dose and it hurts a fair amount.

  2. 8in of thick hard cock up between her cheeks would be more beneficial for her. “Now you’re going to feel a little prick.”

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