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Elite Pain caning till red marks on the ass


Elite Pain caning! Introducing the excellent film “Ring of Pain” from the Elite Pain studio. These are incredible competitions that are difficult to repeat. Two girls compete. In the pink corner is a 24-years-old beautician. She doesn’t have a boyfriend at present. Her favorite position is the “cowgirl”. All we know about her blowjob skills is quote: “Nobody’s complained yet”. She needs the money. She acted in a Pain movie. Then she said never again. But she has returned and we can suppose. The other contestant is Annette. She’s 21 years old. At present she works as a waitress. She’s a photo model and she’s one of the permanent models. Her favorite position is “doggy style”. At present she has a boyfriend whose cock is of average size, she admits. So she can put it in her mouth to the hilt and she’s never bitten yet. She willing to strip for money but she never has sex for money. At the end of the five-round contest the loser will receive 50 cane strokes. It will have to be suffered all the wax through. It cannot be given up. The loser will be tied up. After each task the loser will be punished.

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