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Brutal SM

Extreme breath play and electro play torture


The video begins with the fetishist woman lying on the floor tied with straps. On her head is a rubber hood made special for breath play. The Master tortures her with electricity. The submissive has a hard time breathing. Is it very difficult for her to say a safe word and will she be heard? She won’t be able to show the gesture either. The Master may not understand it immediately, and seconds of delay can become fatal. Therefore, this bondage breath torment is very extreme and dangerous. The Master attaches a rubber bag to the mask and continues the electro play using a shocker. Don’t try this at home. Watch more our breath play videos.

5 thoughts on “Extreme breath play and electro play torture

  1. I so need to be bound up and have a hood put on like that all hogtied ready to be used xxx and full of poppers x

  2. I’ve seen this one before though it’s been a while. I love it especially with cattle prod and breath play.

  3. Breath control is great providing you trust your partner. We use either hoods or bags as strangulation is inherently dangerous.

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