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Extreme nailing of breasts – cruel sadistic torture video


Nailing of breasts! The redhead slave comes on all fours and she doesn’t know what awaits her today. The Master sits her down at a wooden table and shackles her wrists to the wooden table. There is a hammer in front of her. Why is all this? She is confused and afraid. Suddenly, the Master takes a hammer and nails her tits to the table, first one, then the other. Everything happened very quickly. She is shocked. Now she can’t move. She lowers her head in pain. The Master notices this and attaches a nose hook to her face. Now she can’t even lower her head. But this is not the end. The Master takes a cane and begins to stroke her body and tits nailed to the table. He thinks the pain is not enough and adds clamps to her nipples. Now everything is as it should be. Next we watch as the Master pulls nails out of tits with a hammer. The slave is on her knees, her heart is racing, but she is grateful. Watch more our torment videos.

11 thoughts on “Extreme nailing of breasts – cruel sadistic torture video

  1. She’s a fine pain slut with that open asshole, she ought to be fucked hard by her master.

  2. Any busty uk subs want to get their nipples hammered into a piece of wood and left over night to suffer, although I will knock the nipples every hour on the hour, then message me

  3. I almost busted a nut when he drove that first nail in, I did when he pulled the second one out!!!

  4. Wow this is amazing now I’ve just imagined my hands fixed like hers to the table then 2 nails through my balls to the table and then getting my bottom caned

  5. Actually nailing breasts can be considered as a painful and psychologically disruptive restraint technique to avoid any movement during a severe whipping. I suggest to nail tit bags to punish severe misbehavior. Multiple nails per tits can be nailed to avoid excessively tearing the flesh of the pathetic pain slave.

  6. Master’s cruelty while removing the nails at 11’20” is simply great! He doens’t care at all about the inflicted pain: he has to remove the nails, those flesh bags are just piece of meat after all.

  7. Just like my master! He nails my tits down and th n wails on them hard with his whip of choice. Usually have a cock-O-Ring gag in my mouth to help keep my scream volume under control. He fucks my throat while my tits are still nailed down and shoots his cum all over the welts. After gag is out I of course must say “thank you master. May I have more please. To which he obliges me with extreme

  8. at 9’10” you can see this pain slave is lactating or has stopped very soon. You can see a drop dribbling out from her right nipple while attaching the clamp!

  9. One of the best humiliation ever seen. I would prefer some whipping on her back after tits nailed. Awesome anyway

  10. Excellent! Ditto done by my master. Tit meat ripping from ass fuck movement makes us both cum hard. Luv it!

  11. She has utterly saggy and ugly tits: maternity takes all beauty from tits. Then, the mom has two options: getting implants (have you ever wondered why MILF pornstars have always gigantic fake tits?) to fill that saggy bags, or being so ugly and unattractive to become a pain slave for the rest of her life. This whore has no money and low self esteem probably and decided for the second option.

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