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Brutal SM
Brutal SM

FBI agents loving torment during interrogation


FBI agents loving torment! Agent Bunny Colby was recruited by the FBI in the department of her sadistic half-brother. She wants to move up the career ladder and help her brother catch the criminal hacker Charlotte. Charlotte is ready to receive guests from the FBI and meets Bunny with a pistol. Bunny cries and pleads, claiming she has no information. But Charlotte punches Bunny in the ass, humiliates her by fucking her in the face, and then interrogates her using electricity.

By the time Charlotte is ready to take a break, Agent Seth Gamble is already waiting to ambush her. Seth does not like to be embarrassed. He immediately rips off her clothes and begins to spank her and shove his cock into her mouth. He handcuffs Charlotte and shoves her face into Bunny’s pussy, moving on to cane, electric blast and fucking her ass to get some answers.

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