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Brutal SM
Brutal SM

The submissive woman was hung and tormented by two Mistresses


Submissive woman was hung and tormented! Stunning submissive Bella Rossi, engrossed in a selfie on the set for another BDSM website, is caught off guard by her two dominant friends Aiden Starr and Penelope Reed. Aiden and Penelope knock Bella off her feet and pin her down with their curvy body shapes. Bound by the beautiful bodies of the hot Dominatrixes, Bella submits to breath play. Then we watch pussy licking. Aiden and Penelope continue their hazing with a hard flogging and violet wand while Bella hangs from the ceiling on a rope with electrified sticky pads on her legs. Hanging upside down, Aiden rides Bella’s face to lick her pussy. Penelope takes part in the fighting, receiving an enthusiastic ass licking. Dominatrixes take Bella down for one final round of lesbian electro sex. Aiden fingers her hard while Veruca shakes her asshole with fingers electrified by the violet wand’s sensor plate. The BDSM session ends with an extreme fear play in which the Mistresses exploit Bella’s intense fear of the electro cattle prod. Everyone is having a good time and Bella leaves a happy electro slut!

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