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Needles under nails sadistic torture video


Torture with needles under nails has been common in human history. Now you can watch such torture thanks to the famous pain lover Rain Degre. She kindly agreed to participate in a sadomasochistic session in exchange for a dose of endorphins. The Mistress stuck two needles under the nails of each of her fingers. Rain’s body is trembling in convulsions and there is cold sweat on her face. Not everyone can handle this. But this didn’t seem enough to the Mistress and she continued to torture her nipples. The sadistic session continues… Watch more our masochism videos.

5 thoughts on “Needles under nails sadistic torture video

  1. I’d have kept her tied up like that for at least 24 hours. That’s real pain

  2. I would have loved to have been the one tied in the background, watching it all.

  3. Everything in this clip is PERFECT. The kind of suffering, both girls, how she moans, the expression of the mistress, the huge tits punished as they need…PERFECT

  4. I am in love with RAIN DEGREE. As a woman she is perfect. Watch those breasts, the perfect skinn etc.
    But, by watching this movie, I become a bit sadistic. My dick gets hard and I can only think of Torture, Pain and
    Agression. Watching it in Slow Motion, I just jerked untill one second ago like a PIG—— the hardest jerk I ever did in my Fucking Life.

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