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Painful injections needle play and vacuum pumping


Painful injections, needle play and vacuum pumping today! A real masochist gets a session of pain and endorphins. At the beginning, the sadist uses vacuum tools. They make the pussy and tits larger in size and very sensitive. And then he injects saline solution into her tits and pussy. Vacuum plus injections is a hellish combination for real masochists. Nipples are covered in blisters! When they burst it will be very hot. But that is not all. The sadist pierces tits and pussy with needles. Everything is ready, now it’s time to masturbate! Watch more our play piercing videos.

2 thoughts on “Painful injections needle play and vacuum pumping

  1. That puffy red wet creamy wonderful delicious tasty cum drooling pussy bet it taste amazing

  2. What is that that she’s injecting into herself? That looks like I want to do it! A lot of it! And how long does it last?

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