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Brutal SM

Real hard spanking session made by people who really love it


This hard spanking video is worthy of attention, as it is not every day that you can watch such a hard spanking even in free BDSM videos on the Internet. The woman receiving the spanking is a real masochist, as her ass is already covered with bruises and marks even before the sadomasochism session begins. We immediately understand that this is not the first time she has done this. Initially, she is warmed up with a single-tailed whip. Then it gets hotter as the leather belt comes in. Harder tools cause the skin to burst. Old wounds begin to bleed. The Master does not spares this delicate ass and therefore has to wipe it regularly. Yes, it doesn’t sound like a fake, it’s a real hard spanking session made by people who really love it. Enjoy the pain!

8 thoughts on “Real hard spanking session made by people who really love it

  1. After an amazing punishment like that if I’m a good girl my master makes me an awesome anal… The best feeling ever

  2. I love to see a girl get a real spanking. My husband spanks me but he always makes me keep my legs spread wide open. If I close my legs I get spanked between my legs. Hope she had to take him in her mouth and thank him for this punishment.

  3. What’s your favorite way to punish a bitch: tied up or taught to hold still? I like tying up a cunt who hasn’t learned yet, just to be more efficient, but when properly trained, it’s very satisfying to have a girl submit without needing to be tied down. It shows proper humility.

  4. Looks like she gets a nice whipping every day… I would have loved to see it done a whole lot harder…she didn’t seem to feel much pain like I would hope for

  5. I have serious doubts that this shit is consensual or legal for that matter. I dunno there’s something wrong with this videos and the others with the same girl.

  6. The girl has nice coloured skin that reddens beautifully, with a number of breaks in the skin due to the thrashing, but I would have liked to see it from the start, when it was unmarked, rather than joining the action halfway through…. also, the annoying background noise was unnecessary….

  7. A lot of you are abusers and it shows! Never ever leave so much as bruise unless it was pre-negotiated beforehand! This video was not consensual at all! These people should be in jail! It’s not funny! You should not be getting off to innocent people who want nothing to do with these sick people! You guys are really perverts especially the woman on here! You should know better! This video is real, not roleplay and not consensual! You all should be ashamed of yourself!

  8. They really put that girl through her paces! A beautiful ass & thigh gap, just made for a good spanking.

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