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Brutal SM
Brutal SM

A creepy sadist tortures and fucks blonde bartender


A creepy sadist tortures! The bar closes and the bar employee Miley tells the last customer that he has to leave. But the visitor turns out to be a very creepy sadist in a mechanic’s overalls and a creepy mask. The man immediately gets up, throws the chair and grabs Miley by the neck. He tells her in his most eerie voice that if she does what he says, she will be fine. He puts her on the bar table and rips off her clothes. He ties her arms and legs and attaches them to the table.

A scary man makes her look him in the eyes while he fucks her pussy with an empty bottle. After that, he takes out a leather whip and hits it on the pussy several times. Miley is shocked when a scary guy puts a big dildo in her pussy. Her hands are tied behind her back and her mouth is sealed with duct tape.

Actors: Miley May

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