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Brutal SM

Slave training and torture with wax piercing and electricity


This is a long movie of a slave training, one of her usual days. The Master orders the slave to put her tits in cold water with ice cubes. It’s quite painful. And then she has to put her tits in hot wax, which is also very painful. Then he shackles her and whips her. Next we see hanging upside down and whipping again. The Master constantly trains the slave. Then we see torture with a medieval Pear of anguish torture device. Then sports exercise training. And finally we see how the Master pierces her labia with knitting needles. This procedure is not painful, since the slave has a piercing on her pussy. The Master simply inserts knitting needles into the ready-made piercing holes. But then he attaches electrodes to the knitting needles and tortures the slave with electricity. Watch more our torment videos.

4 thoughts on “Slave training and torture with wax piercing and electricity

  1. I love when he drills her lips. These big needles are beautiful. She is a subslut.

  2. Great sub obedient and took it. Wish it was subtitled so we knew what was said. Lots of dialog here

  3. They’re an awesome couple! Great complicity, slave management… Loved the mouth intrusion with fingers and plug!

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