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Brutal SM

Spanking machine in action while the sub gets face fucked


Have you ever seen a spanking machine? Now you can see it in action. Spanking machine knows no pity or fatigue, its spanks are always equally strong. Its main advantage is that it frees the Master from routine work. And we see how the Master exposes his ass for licking, while the machine does all the work for him. The attachments on the machine are easy to change and it can spank with anything. And the Master at this time fucks the submissive’s face. After punishment, he fucks her in her red ass. Anal punishment is also important. Watch our videos with fucking machines.

Actors: Leah Winters

2 thoughts on “Spanking machine in action while the sub gets face fucked

  1. He lost a ton of weight. He could probably make money sharing his secrets too. I’d like to see him bring back Sphincterbell get his cardio up & really give to her this time.

  2. The robot, as simple as it is, seems to be very effective at its job, at least based on the marks it leaves on her skin.

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