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Brutal SM
Brutal SM

Submissive fucked roughly and used as a nasty slut


Submissive fucked! It’s Christmas Eve and Goldie is making a secret wish for Santa. She loves to be fucked roughly and used as a nasty slut. She tries to wait for Santa, but falls asleep waiting. Suddenly she wakes up from the entrance of men in Santa hats. They tell her that they are Santa’s helpers and come with gifts. Their hands grab her tits and spank her. They press her head against their cocks and tell her to open the mouth of a whore. It looks like her dreams are coming true! Goldie loves cock and eagerly swallows every inch of cock in front of her. Saliva flows from her mouth down her breasts as Santa’s helpers force her to choke on their cocks. They tie her hands in front of her and fuck her tight little pussy. Goldie groans as their cocks penetrate her. She screams as they take turns ass fucking her! Santa’s helpers fuck her in all her holes at the same time. Goldie cums hard. She begs them to cum and is rewarded with five hot loads, one in her ass and the rest in her pretty face. Santa’s helpers finish delivering her presents and leave her tied up and covered in cum.

Actors: Goldie Glock

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