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Brutal SM
Brutal SM

Brunette submissive is pushed to the limit of her tolerance


Brunette submissive Joanna Angel! She starts out in a slight predicament with her arms back and her legs spread and off the floor. A red ball gag is stuck in her mouth and she silently awaits the return of her Master. The Master whips her flesh with a large leather whip and aims at all her most sensitive points. The scene ends with bastinado. Joanna is then placed in dog pose, secured with leather straps that props her ass higher than the rest of her body, making it the perfect target. Her ass was flogged, harder and harder, then her legs were flogged with a stick before Master fucked her mouth and pussy. Orgasms pouring out of her naked cunt. In the final scene, Joanna lies on her back in a prone eagle pose. Joanna is pushed to the limit of her tolerance, with constant longing and pain, but she just won’t break. Orgasms begin, and she realizes that they, too, can torment her. She’s becoming a desperate whore more than ever before. She can’t believe this is happening and she doesn’t know when it will stop.

Actors: Joanna Angel

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