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Brutal SM

Submissive suspended upside down and tortured – lezdom video


We start with the submissive suspended upside down and her legs spread wide apart. The Mistress does the rope bondage. Finally all preparations are completed. Mistress starts the session by warming up with an electric shocker. She also tickles the submissive and this is also a form of torture. The Mistress does not forget to tease her pussy all this time. A vibrator will help her with this. We are watching vacuum suction cups and nipple clamps. Then we see caning and crotch whipping while the submissive is tied up in an awkward position. Then the submissive one finds herself mounted on a dildo on a long pole. Hard anal stimulation and deep throat training. The finale – the submissive is all wet and exhausted from numerous orgasms. Watch our other lezdom videos.

Actors: Sheena Shaw

2 thoughts on “Submissive suspended upside down and tortured – lezdom video

  1. I love watching this. Makes me so wet, nothing hotter than having to ask permission to get off

  2. I love when I know they’re okay and they have things set up for them so their okay- like I know some things are brutal but it makes me happy they have safe words and stuff

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