BDSM Dating
Brutal SM
Brutal SM

BDSM session with tattooed submissive brunette suffering from brutal Master


The BDSM session begins with tattooed submissive Charlotte in heavy chains, her neck secured with a steel neck trap. Master Pope enters with a nipple clamp in his fist and has one goal – to make Charlotte squeal. When he pinches her nipples, she winces in pain as they squeeze her sensitive nipples. The second scene begins with Charlotte in a seated position, legs apart and arms outstretched. Leather straps hold our submissive in place when the Master comes in and starts rubbing her pussy. His massive hands caress her flesh, then squeeze until she screams, then beat her with maximum efficiency. A hard spanking is heard, she is kicked in the ass, then the Master comes up to her and controls her breathing. Her front part turns bright red from his flogger, and as soon as we see she start to break, he quickly squeezes her throat in his hand. Multiple orgasms complete the scene. In the final scene, Charlotte is folded in half, her legs and buttocks exposed. Master Pope tries to attack every inch of flesh he can get to. Her legs are suffering from painful bastinado and her ass is covered with a cane marks, but the part that almost breaks is when he stretches her nipples using a cane.

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