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Vacuum pumping of the clitoris


This is an amateur video of vacuum pumping of the clitoris. This is far from an extreme video and devoid of pain, but it belongs to a large group of fetish play. The clitoris becomes huge after such impact. It looks like a penis. In addition, its sensitivity increases significantly. All this opens up great opportunities to realize many erotic fantasies. Watch more our vacuum play videos.

5 thoughts on “Vacuum pumping of the clitoris

  1. My gf pumps her clit with clit pump and it’s so hot her orgasms are twice as strong love it.

  2. I really enjoy seeing that tube sucking at your beautiful clit! I’d love to have you in my bower for a clit sucking if that were only possible. I’ve masturbated with your video a couple times.

  3. I love pumping my cock I just need a girlfriend thats into it as well. MMMM watching this video made my cock hard thinking about sucking your beautiful pumped clit after you’re finished

  4. It looks like the pump is automatically sucking and releasing, am I right? If so, I would love to know what kind of pump I should buy. I would love to replicate what you are doing. I’m just not sure of the parts I should be getting. Most of the clit pumps I’ve seen are manually and I am looking for an automatic pump.

  5. I’ve actually always wanted to try this. Can anyone give me some information about your experience with it?

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