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Violence in women’s prison – bizarre humiliation video


Violence in women’s prison! Have you ever been to a women’s prison in Eastern Europe? This is your chance to see what’s going on there. The fun begins when the prison guards decide to have some fun. They begin visiting prisoners in their cells. Then real chaos begins. They rape prisoners with a police baton, humiliate them, force them to suck cock and fuck them. They can shave a prisoner’s head and then piss on her head. But this is just the beginning… Watch more our humiliation videos.

4 thoughts on “Violence in women’s prison – bizarre humiliation video

  1. This is one of my favorite horror porn’s videos bc that scene when te guard is pressing his pussy to the covered face of the girl is so fucking cool.

  2. The inmate actresses are beautifuckle. I want to tongue all their bungholes, while the hard dyke rams my manKunt with her baton, with unabated abandon

  3. The strawish blonde warden is really a sadic person, who outdoes the marquis de Sade’s characters. She should be fucked by a Big cock, not human’s but a police dog’s.

  4. Woah finally a porn with great actors!! Especially the lady cop, omg she deserves an Oscar for that performance. It’s fucking weird but loved it

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