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Whipping and caning till red marks – Whill of Pain movie


Whipping and caning till red marks! We present the movie “Wheel of Pain” from the “Elite Pain” studio. This is a challenge. This time there is a new participant. She is Roxana and she’s 25 years old. She is an erotic masseuse. She spins the wheel and chooses the type of punishment, as well as the tool. Her pussy’s never been whipped. We’ve taken the knots off the tip. But it’s still hurt enough. She strips naked. She is aware that won’t be able to make love for a few days. The cane is the most painful instrument and the whip cannot compare with it. Red marks remain on her ass. It is very painful and she will not be able to sit for several days.

2 thoughts on “Whipping and caning till red marks – Whill of Pain movie

  1. She has a perfect body. Special her butt is extreme sexy and therefore I love watching this. It makes me extreme horny. And I must jerk, looking at her.

  2. I want his job. To bad video cuts off early. I would not be able to help my self after caning her raw I’d fuck her sore pussy

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