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Wooden Horse with sharp spikes – Medieval torture video


Wooden Horse with sharp spikes! A blonde masochist decides to test medieval torture with a wooden horse. This is a very bold decision. The horse has a mobile phone attached to it that keeps track of time. She wants to sit on a horse for 15 minutes. It must be said that her feet do not touch the floor and she balances on horseback. But what we see more is that she undresses on horseback! She swings on it! She is very endurant. After 15 minutes she shows red marks on her crotch. Bruises are guaranteed. The next scene with a sharp metal corner – and another peak conquered! But the masochist doesn’t stop. What? Now she is going to sit on sharp spikes! Her feet touch the support, but let’s let her do it, because these are sharp spikes. She passes this test too and shows us the marks of the spikes on her crotch. Applause! Watch our other masochism videos.

2 thoughts on “Wooden Horse with sharp spikes – Medieval torture video

  1. This little sweety is so amazing gorgeous and proper fit as Fuck stunning. It’s a hard solid edge with gravity pulling all your weight down on your clit…

  2. Lovely that CUNT, sufferinjg on the wooden HORSE. More exciteing when whipped on the butt in the meantime. So lovely what she shows.

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