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Brutal SM

Zoe Sparx punished by five Doms


Zoe Sparx punished! Teacher Zoe Sparx posted lewd nude photos online. The Board of Education decides to punish Zoe. Zoe agrees to submit to any punishment the Council demands in order to keep her job. The Council brings her to her knees and makes all their cocks suck. They explore her holes while she drool over their cocks. They gag her and take turns fucking her in the face. They then tie her hands behind her back, use nose hooks and insert a pork tail butt plug into her ass. Zoe cums hard as they paddle her thighs and fuck her ass. Then they put a gag on Zoe and stuffed her tightly. She moans when the Council members use all of her holes at the same time. She thanks them for the punishment. Finally she begs them to cum and gets five hot facials

Actors: Andi Rye / Zoe Sparx

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  1. I like how the handcuffs are keeping her arms in a safe position out of the way of the danger of any cocks, while they gloriously slap and finger her pussy awaiting even more

  2. ‘Oink oink,I am a pig ‘ I wanted to wait longer,but when I heard her say,I wanted to make myself come.

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